Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jets Good At Drama As Well As Football

Even though our Jets led the whole game against the Detroit Lions Sunday, the Lions came within a touchdown with only 2:22 to go. We had to hang on by our fingernails, and Coach Eric Mangini stated, “I didn’t take a deep breath until we got that last first down.” Maybe he was recalling that the last three game the Jets have won have all come down to the outcome of the opponents’ final possession.

Maybe our upcoming game with the 1-and-5 Cleveland Browns doesn’t need to be such a cliffhanger!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We almost had ‘em.

Few can argue that Peyton Manning is positioning himself as a top quarterback of his generation. We knew that was going to be a lot to contend with. Still, we showed that we’re for real, and Justin Miller once again proved what a stud he is on the field. It ain’t every day you see a 103-yard touchdown run.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Aw, the Jets Came So Close!

So nice to be back after the unplanned interruptions of summer. But yesterday I thought we New York Jets fans would have something huge to cheer about. Well, let’s cheer about some smaller but significant things – we held our own against the Patriots, even jumped ahead with that 103-yard kick return of Justin Miller’s. That should have knocked the wind out of their sails, but there’s a reason why New England has been such a force to reckon with in the AFC East, and in the NFL for that matter. But we still kept battling to the end – I lost track of how many plays our Jets got off in the last few seconds!

We get another crack at the Pats up in Gillette Stadium November 12th. Sure would like tickets to see another really close game with the win going to the visitors!